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Old 03-02-2013
Tools Project - ERP-MES Interface

Hi all,

that's my personal "war story" and probably a beginning of a never ending love story.

It is roughly 8 weeks ago, I've got a training for a new ERP system. In front of the training my boss mentioned it based on a unix. Great, I have been always interested in but I don't know why I haven't invest time in it. Anyway, the training was great and it has awaken my passion.

Now, I try to invest every second to get more knowledge and especially the shell scripting and programming brings my heart to beat. That's the love story

Back to my "war story". I am responsible for testing the interface between an ERP and MES System. The problem it takes ages to get test data in order to verify it. Supplier pushed out deliveries for months. Honestly, supplier has a lot of more important stuff to do in order to get the ERP System running but I HAVE TO TEST THE INTERFACE. Hence, I've decided to write a shell script in order to simulate the interface communication and begin testing. My intention is to post the result and share result in this forum. (probably other rookies like me will get benefit)

ERP-MES Interface:

Output: UTF-8 file (without Byte Order Mark)

Content of UTF File: string (1000 digits) & CR & LF
- Creation of UTF FIle via BASH Script

Content of BASH Script:
- function to modify variabels (numeric, decimal, character)
- merge all variables to one string
- create UTF File with string

1. Question regarding the result of variable output (quoted/unquoted) -->
2. Question regarding formatting decimal value -->

fct_var_mod() {
        case "$1" in

        "C")    if [ ${#2} -eq "$3" ]
                then    value="$2"
                else    value="$(printf "%-$3.$3s" "$2")"
        "N")    value="$(printf "%0$3d" "$2" )"
        value="$(printf "%.$3s" "$value" )";;
        "D")    value="$(printf "%-$3.$3s" "$2" )"
        value="$(printf "%+0$3.$4f" "$value")";;
order_no_t=C; order_no=ORDER005-010010; order_no_l=40
fct_var_mod $order_no_t $order_no $order_no_l
order_no="$value"; echo "$order_no"
proc_no_T=N; proc_no=1283; proc_no_l=8
fct_var_mod $proc_no_T $proc_no $proc_no_l
proc_no="$value"; echo "$proc_no"
qty_t=D; qty_val=-12345678.123; qty_l=13; qty_p=3
fct_var_mod $qty_t $qty_val $qty_l $qty_p
qty_val="$value"; echo "$qty_val"

2nd of March 2013 - Let's go
3rd of March 2013 - got great comments from Don Cragun
4th of March 2013 - added comments and mods from Don Cragun to basic post (#1)
14th of March 2013 - added formatting numeric and decimal values

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Old 03-02-2013
I have no idea what you're trying to do and the variable names don't make any sense to me, but the following is a reformatted, simplified version of your script that is a valid bash script (and is easier for humans to read) that produces some output that may be what you want:
fkt_auffuellen() {
        case $1 in
        (C)     if [ ${#2} -eq "$3" ]
                then    value="$2"
                else    value="$(printf "%-$3.$3s" "$2")"
        (N)     ;;
        (D)     ;;
fkt_auffuellen $vorg_nr_t $vorg_nr $vorg_nr_l
echo "$vorg_nr"

Note that some double-quotes were added and others were removed, an if statement was removed by changing the printf format string, and I added opening parentheses to the case matching patterns. (The opening parentheses are allowed but are not required by bash, but if you're editing a larger script with an editor such as vi with a showmatch option, having them makes it much easier to find mismatched parentheses in places where they do matter.)

Hope this helps.
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Noobie1995 (03-03-2013)
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Old 03-03-2013

Good evening or should I say good morning,

I am so sorry I have no idea why my pasted code shows this terrible format. Probably, human error.

I agree with comments that variables names makes no sense. These are still in german. I will edit it tomorrow.

The idea to fill the string and if the lenghth is already longer than passed in the function to cut the string is great!!!!!

I will also try to highlight the intention of this project tomorrow. As mentioned it is my first one.

Many Thanks

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