Anger management at work without others finding out

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Anger management at work without others finding out

I can't believe the people I work [pretty soon it will be workedSmilie ] with are afraid that non-committal application on Linux will affect system on the whole. The same people who don't believe in yum but would rather spend 3 days installing 31 rpms with rpm command and then Google for all missing libraries. One word. repo. No one wants to add extra repos on the paid-for-support distros. I will never know why, because all I keep getting are excuses. Why why why? Poor me my CR was rejected, apparently customer approval was needed for something so trivial. Since no one spoke any English around here anyway, it's best I portray my feelings with the sharpest sword I have [with spell-check turned on hehe]. Eat that noob!

Anger management at work without others finding out-noob-workpng

hehe... hadn't felt this good in a long long time
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If you build from source, you can hang libraries anywhere you want. I suggest $HOME/myroot/. Developers are allowed to compile open source, right?
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hmmm thats not what I meant. I meant like instead of adding extra repos so yum will work when installing additional packages, they manually download and then rpm install packages. So of course they're going to run into "missing a few missing libraries here!" And then they go on and try to yum install that missing libraries, and when it fails they go on and Google for it. I'm like just yum already!!
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Maybe just use Ubuntu and the software and updates windows! Smilie The hp-ux binary repository in the UK tells you with hyperlinks what is required, but you can click a lot to get the whole tree.
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I think it is good to sometime build apps without using tools like yum and aptitude, from time to time.

It's good to keep our skills current on how to actually troubleshoot library problems that arise; and to just depend on tools like yum or aptitude hides what is going on.

... kind of like when people use a GUI to do things they can do in the shell easier; they start to lose their core / basic understanding of the shell and the filesystem, etc.
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Well, it sounds like the shop is very peer and loses some efficiency by not having roles. I was the build guy for my AT&T shop, and I think everyone else was glad to not have to bother.

Similarly, it is wise to have official trees of the same versions of common open software, so one does not get ahead of behind what is viable and sesirable, and apps do not get left dead when their libs upgrade!

It is sad to be in the land of no sense of best practices. Getting paid by the hour to do stupid seems like returning bad value. You know what rolls down hill, like micro-management and un-management?
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but NEO, its better if they GUI it, because no one here likes command line, so getting them to look for libraries online Smilie.... I wish I knew how to write my own codes, I am still working on shell scripting Smilie

couple of weeks back someone used GUI to remove the FS, and when it didnt work because it was still mounted he tried to use a batch of incorrect commands, I had to go over and make him run fsck before unmounting the entire thing.

and u know the best part? my superior wanted to know if its good practice to avoid FS scans across reboots because it took longer than 10 mins to reboot a heavily loaded server. Smilie

of course i tell him yes Smilie
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