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Anger management at work without others finding out

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My view is a bit different -

If they don't know and understand the command line, what are they doing working on a production server?
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At my place anyone [meaning everyone, from service desk, to apps team] can do whatever they want on any servers, and its not even important to let me know whats going on until someone screws up then I go FIXIT. I earnestly tried to fix this but I was shot down too many times so i dont care nomore
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Just keep reporting root cause analysis! Implement any necessary tracing to discern individual responsibility.

Do not let them control the quality of your work. You need good standards and habits for the next job or next manager.
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well, thats the thing. there's no standardization of process (although we're moving towards that direction) so theres no RCA for anything. But I realized on the first month itself, if I don't start doing proper tracking when something goes wrong it will come back to me, so I setup tons of loggings to cover all my bases. after that was just tuning it to make it workable for all the non-technical people.
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Well, if you arm others wise enough to see their vulnerability with your tools, the net will slowly close on the trouble makers.
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