Prize of being an Admin

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Old 02-08-2012
No, methyl. There are different teams from different IT service vendors who work for our client. My company is one of them. My team is responsible for administering the server from OS stand point. If there's any issue with storage, we need to consult with SAN people. If problem is with an application, we need to work with application people. If there's a network issue, we get in touch with network team. Should it be a problem with hardware, we need to contact datacenter admins who have physical access to the server.

For this situation, I was not the authorized person to make any changes to the application.
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Old 02-10-2012
I agree with all said....

If the application was crashing (and not effecting the host or any other apps running); and you did not have explicit authority to change the app; then you were "crossing the line" to fix the app without authority.

On the other hand, the situation gets more complex if you have responsibility for the host and the host or other apps are being effected by the crashing app.

What was the case here?

Was this a single application server? Or are there multiple users with apps under their authority?
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Old 02-10-2012
This was an app server. The running service was serving around 83 clients (the research group). I am primarily responsible for the server's performance and health. Also, as per our process, the server admin (my team) is the on-duty person for any issue with the server. We will RCA the issue and if there's nothing to be done from our side, we have to pass it to the correct team.

I admit I took a bold step here. All my intentions were to resume the normal service.
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Old 02-11-2012
Yes, but how many applications are running under different administrative authorities?

Sounds like the server only support one group (the research group) and there are vary applications running on it (all under the administrative authority of the research group).

Is that right?
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Old 02-11-2012
Problem is when you fix other folks mistakes code-wise, you become the programer / maintainer of that overnight.

So being pro-active and showing initiative will actually backstab you later on Smilie
This is especially true for large-scale deployments and implementation.

My story is that my company implemented (bought) a completely new core solution.
There were, of course, alot of issues and bugs software wise.

But the unix part was working fine most of the time, so system folks like myself were helping business IT (app folks) to realize what's wrong by doing tcpdumps, AWR's.

At the end unix folks were explaning core bussiness to folks who should know it.

And nowadays (we are in production), i still get phone calls from folks who need their part explained.

That why in the past year or so i avoid being everything else except what i'm paid for.
It should be an advantage to know what's actually going on business-wise, but practice has showed otherwise.
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Old 02-11-2012

I'm not really sure about exact number of application running in the environment as the client is a giant company spreading in US, UK and NL. There are 143 UNIX/Linux (AIX, Solaris and RHEL) servers dedicated for different things. This particular server hosts only one application. The research group is the end users of the application. They access it through Citrix. The app admin team is a different group. Problem is that the end users do not differentiate among the teams. To them, we are all IT people with weird techie-terms. That's why I got blamed for taking 24 hours to fix the issue. Whereas the actual people who should be blamed is the app admin team for not responding to my calls/E-mails.


You are right! Will just do what I'm paid for. Smilie
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Old 02-11-2012
Originally Posted by admin_xor
the client is a giant company ... 143 UNIX/Linux (AIX, Solaris and RHEL) servers
This is giant ? Smilie ... actually that explains why you have time to fix other area's problems ... Smilie
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