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A load balancer for Nomachine NX

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Tools A load balancer for Nomachine NX

in case somebody has a NoMachine NX cluster, and is suffering from its dumb round-robin dispatcher, here is a solution:
nxpub (NX Pluggable User Balancer).
It should run on all LUnix OS. Scripts for install/uninstall are supplied.
While tested with NX 3 (NX 3.5 is the latest), it might run on the older NX 2 and can be ported to NX 4 or Open NX.
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I am new to this forum. I was looking for info on another tool we use and came across this comment about load-balancing with NoMachine. Our organization uses NM and has done for several years. I was wondering what your plugin adds to what NM is doing already. We use the heavy-weighted LB together with user/group profiles and custom scripts, and we are rather satisfied. Additionally you can also set the node load when load-balancing virtual Linux desktops. Does your plugin add further value?
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NX 3 had a dump round-robin dispatcher. If one of the NX nodes was rebooted, it was less loaded than the other nodes, and never caught up.
The nxpub simply adds a more sophisticated dispatcher, and is transparent i.e. there is no administrative change and no extra dependency.
If you are using another load balancer, then likely this one won't add any value.

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