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Need to use UNIX to access a file from "the cloud"

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Old Unix and Linux 10-06-2014   -   Original Discussion by craigwg
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Need to use UNIX to access a file from "the cloud"

Normally files are given to us via FTP and we use a program (DMX) to pull that file into our database. I have been told that we will be receiving a new file via "the cloud" and I need to prepare a method to access and otherwise process this file using UNIX/LINUX. I realize my request raises more questions but that's all the information I have. I need to put together and basic list of questions to ask because right now I don't know much about linux beyond running a few executables and changing directories.

What is meant by "the cloud"? I know what the cloud is in a general sense. Should I expect a network address or IP address or webpage or what?

Is it reasonable to ask that this mysterious cloud file be delivered to me via FTP where I can process it as I do all other files?

What commands in linux do I need to familiarize myself with to process this file into a database?

What questions do I need to ask about this file and its location that will help me?

Thanks for your patience.
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Old Unix and Linux 10-07-2014   -   Original Discussion by craigwg
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Different cloud providers permit different access methods. so they should tell you what you can do (eg, http, ftp or whatever).

All Unix/Linux boxes can be configured as an ftp client and many others will provide a browser for http access (especially the GUI ones).
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