Connecting windows to Vmware

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Connecting windows to Vmware

Hi ,

I have installed Centos 6.5 in my VMWare on windows 7 , My Internet is running fine on both VMWare OS and windows 7 .

When I am trying to connect from putty on my window to Vimware Linux but it does not connect.

Please help what should I do to connect the window system to Linux System
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Originally Posted by blackrageous
You probably don't have the correct IP address or a fire wall rule is blocking it.
I am using ifconfig to get ip address and used /etc/init.d/iptables stop

and on windows stopped firewall still not able to connect from windows putty to vmware
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Just out of curiosity... is your VMimage set to NAT or bridged mode for networking? I've experienced issues with NAT mode similar to yours.
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First check if you can ping from the host to the guest VM and visa versa. If you cannot, from VMware Workstation, go to Edit > Virtual Network Editor and select NAT network (typically VMnet8). Check 'Connect a host virtual network adapter to this network' if it is not already checked and then configure the new adapter.
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Originally Posted by neutronscott
is sshd installed and enabled? Smilie

sshd is installed and working fine

/etc/init.d/sshd status
openssh-daemon (pid 3486) is running

Thanks This is resolved

I Reset to default the Virtual network than it works fine and able to connect from windows
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