OpenVZ domains/sites stopped working after restore

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Old 03-04-2014
OpenVZ domains/sites stopped working after restore

Hello, i created .tgz backups of my vms using vzdump.
I accidentally deleted vms, its files just disappeared i dont know how.

So what i did is that i restored backups by vzdump, but result is that i can SSH into a VM etc, i can also use their IP to access control panel on VPS, BUT, domains not working, domains pointed to all VPS...

the sample domain which dont work is: 301 Moved Permanently

newly created VM works with domains, but when i restore my backup tgzs, websited/domains dont resolve, i see VPS software, zones are OK, it must be somethin on OpenVZ side, but im totally unsure how to discover cause.

Please kindly do you have ideas, commands i should do? Thank you alot

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>>>>>>>>> Error discovered <<<<<<<<

I dont know why, but it appears like my VZDUMP dont backup some /log file&dirs which is quite good, but in my case it requires manual action so websites start working.

Issue was that it dont backed up /var/log/httpd folder (it was missing) and HTTPd was stopped, failing to start, so i just created this httpd folder and started httpd

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