Error in virtualbox while instaling guest additions

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Did you make that .iso available as a CD/DVD drive to your virtual machine?
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Re:RudiC ,fpmurphy

yes, i have made .iso available as a CD/DVD drive to virtual machine.
and i have installed the right version(4.1.2) of Virtualbox Guest Additions .

how can this bug be removed??
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Upvan, apologies in advance for attempting to hijack your thread, but I'm struggling to get guest additions going in VirtualBox.

Background: I've fairly recently been obliged to start learning *nix after 25 years as a mainframe MVS => OS/390 => z/OS systems programmer. The *nix world is a complete and utter mystery to me, and so far I have walked away in disgust and fury from every attempt to get things running.

My Ubuntu image starts and complains about low graphics mode. OK, so I understand I have to install Guest Additions. I've exercised my Google-Fu and have seen all the different ways of doing this. But at the heart of the problem is making the .iso available as a virtual CD-ROM drive to mount. Nothing I've done will make the mount command work.

I have to do this using CLI as the GUI won't work due to low graphics mode. Catch-22.

If any of you kind folks can steer a noob in the right direction I'd appreciate it. If you're willing to help out please dumb it down as much as you can. I'd do the same for someone trying to get a CICS PTF from IBMLink and SMP/E receive it in z/OS!

Once again Upvan, sorry to hijack ...

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Now I really feel like a goose. Just goes to show that if you swear enough, then open yourself up to ridicule, the answer will drop into your lap ...

$ sudo blkid ===> this showed that VirtualBox had given this image a CD-ROM
$ sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/vbox ===> sweet!
$ cd /media/vbox
$ ls ===> see quite clearly the file ... so then I did:
$ sudo sh ./ ===> this appears to have worked as it should. Ends with:
"You may need to restart the hal service and the Window System (or just restart the guest system) to enable the Guest Additions.
"Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components ...done."

I'll enjoy the smug feeling of having completed something before I reboot and have it all (inevitably) unravel.
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