Rediscover a new NIC

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Rediscover a new NIC

hi guys

I am using Suse 11 in virtual enviroment using vmware.

For some reasons I need to add a new virtual nic or just a nic to my suse 11.

so is there a way to add this new NIC to my Suse 11 without restarting?

thanks a lot

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To configure the network card from the command line interface:
The acpiphp module must be loaded for Linux to detect hot-added devices.

To load the acpiphp module, run this command:

# modprobe acpiphp

Run the kudzu command to ensure that the new hardware is detected and configured.

# kudzu

Run this command to ensure that the network card is enabled:

#ifup eth2

Note: eth2 is the new network card that has been added.
To configure the network card, edit the ifcfg-eth2 file using a text editor.

To edit the file using vi editor, run this command:

# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

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