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is mdadm --incremental --rebuild --run --scan destructive?

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Old Unix and Linux 07-12-2011   -   Original Discussion by Habitual
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is mdadm --incremental --rebuild --run --scan destructive?

Hello Unix Community:

My task to figure out how to add a 20G volume to an existing EBS Array (RAID0) at AWS.

I haven't been told that growing the existing volumes isn't an option, or adding another larger volume to the existing array is the way to go. The client's existing data-store is growing fast and he needs more space.
The boss said "Add".... but I am free to conceptualize some solutions he may not have thought of.

I have RTFM'd today for about 3 hours and came to these 2 possibilities. Add or grow...

After a cursory review (and some in depth reading) I am uncertain, so I have to ask
is "mdadm --incremental --rebuild --run --scan" destructive to data or will it simply incorporate the new volume into the designated mdX?

-I, --incremental
Add a single device into an appropriate array, and possibly start the array.

"Possibly start the array" implies that it is not started, but what if the array is already started?

I further wonder if I can just create a new volume and edit the /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf
and --scan and/or --rebuild and if that would be destructive?

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Solved. See https://www.unix.com/virtualization-c...array-aws.html

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