Help with Vmrun in Vmware

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Help with Vmrun in Vmware


I've set up Windows XP virtual machines on an Ubuntu host to perform certain automated tasks. I copy files from the Ubuntu machine over to the XP machines using vmrun, execute the files, and receive reports back. All this is done using bash.

If the files I copy and run over in the vm crash the vm and cause a BSOD for some reason, the whole automation gets stuck. Is there any way to find out the state of the Windows XP machine ?

Any help is appreciated

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I managed to find a crude solution for this. I've introduced a timeout in the bash script like this:

bash & sleep 120 ; kill $!

So, if the script doesn't finish execution in the vmware guest within 120 seconds, for whatever may be the reason [BSOD, machine hung machine rebooted etc.], I kill it.

Hope someone finds this useful.
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If your bash script pinged the virtual Windows machine every second or every few seconds, that would give a reasonably quick and reliable indication.

But I have to ask the obligatory question. Have you tried running your Windows software under Wine? That might give you better control.
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Thanks for the reply Ken.

Pinging the machine was one of the first solutions I thought of, but unfortunately when the VM goes down, ping would just hang. It would not throw any errors I could work with. The same goes for querying a PID on the VM, or querying for a file in a directory using vmrun. They would all just hang and wait for the machine to reboot without throwing errors.

It's not one software that I'm running VMWare. I'm running malware that come into my honeypot in an automated way to get the analysis reports...kind of like I can run them in wine, but I need more accurate reports.

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Originally Posted by r4v3n
I'm running malware that come into my honeypot in an automated way to get the analysis reports...
Wow! Smilie

If ever there was a valid, legitimate need to run real Windows, you just nailed it.
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