SVR4 on virtual machine help

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SVR4 on virtual machine help

Hello to all UNIX experts! This is my problem: I have to emulate an old UNIX System 5 release 4 on a virtual machine. I've got 30 images (.IMA) of 1.4M floppy where there is the installation of SVR4. How I can install it with those files? I tried with Vmware 7 workstation but it says 'Operating system not found'. I've got also Sun Vitual Box, qemu and bochs; but i don't know how to install on they. If you think my images are corrupted, I would like links of any other file, SVR4 is very old and rare! Thank you in advance for any answer! PS: If I load a a bootable image on qemu, it recognizes the floppy but the installation says 'NOTICE: System cannot load boot floppy, contact your service representative. PANIC: Installation aborted.'

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Of course, here you are:

Manteniace disk one
Remote Terminal package
BSD Comp. Pkg.
BSD Comp. Pkg (2)
Networking Supp. Util. Pkg.
Xenix Comp. Pkg
Editing Utils.
OA&M Basic & Ext.
OA&M Basic & Ext. (2)
OA&M Basic & Ext. (3)
Foundation Set Base System Pkg.
Base (1)
Base (2)
Base (3)
Base (4)
Base (5)
Base (6)
Base (7)
Base (8)
Base (9)
Base (10)
Base (11)
Maintanance 1
Printer pkg.
Printer pkg. (2)
Printer pkg. (3)
license (16+ users)
license (2-6 users)

PS: now SVR4 works on bochs !Smilie Have you suggests for VmWare?
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There should be an N1 (boot) diskette. Can you show all the details on the label of this diskette, (part number, release number, product name)
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The 1 and 2 'Base' floppies are bootable.
There is nothing else wroted on the floppies.
The SVR4 version is AT&T UNIX System V Release 4 2.1.4.
Ask me if you need other infos!
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This is Interactive Unix not SCO. Check with Sun Microsystems to find out if it uses the same load module as SCO?
Can you provide compiled application program to see if it will run on SCO?

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I solved the problem!
Now SVR4 works with bochs, and I want install also Solaris. If needed i'll post problems with it!

Thanks for your help! Smilie
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