How to Turn perl one-liners into full perl script?

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Old 02-02-2009
How to Turn perl one-liners into full perl script?

I have the following command prompt perl one liner:

perl -e 's/[a-z]\(\)\\,\"]//g; s/^\s//g; s/;/\n/g' -pi result1

I tried to move this one liner into a perl script I am practicing with (just started learning perl right now).

I tried the following (I only know how to open a file and output to a new file right now):

open (var2, "result1") or die "Error Opening Target\n";
open (var3, ">mod2") or die "Error Generating Target\n";

while (<var2>) {
  print var3;

Which does nothing (I get an empty var3 file)

Can anyone point out what mistakes I made in the script?
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Old 02-04-2009
The -p option adds this around the entire script:
  while (<>) { 
  continue { 
    print $_; 

The -i option modifies the <> expression (above) so that $ARGV, which contains the name of the currently-being-read file, is backed up to a temporary file, and the output (STDOUT) directed to a file named the same as the original. Or something like that.

That's why turning it into a script is not quite so easy. You have to do that stuff yourself OR... you can just do:
#!/usr/bin/perl -pi

#... your code here

Except in that case, you DONT want to open your filenames as you are doing.
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