Problem with Pax command and backups on AIX HP-UX and IRIX

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Old 01-26-2003
Problem with Pax command and backups on AIX HP-UX and IRIX

can someone tell me in details what this command does:

pax -rpe -f /dev/rmt0 -s:^/home:/temp/test:g

The definition given in the source i got this from says that command is used to restore the files from /home to /tmp/test.

now, i know there's goto be a deeper explanation than that. can someone explain this to me?

second part

can someone please tell me what the best backup strategy is for the systems: AIX IRIX and HP-UX. i mean this in terms of faster disaster recovery
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Old 01-27-2003
For AIX:

mksysb (whithout map files - smitty mksysb) for rootvg
savevg (whithout map files for the other Volume Groups
smitty savevg)

For HP-UX:

ignite (make_tape_recovery _if the server has a tape_ or make_net_recovery _if you use an ignite server) for vg00.
vxdump to backup vxfs filesystems (see also: vxrestore).

Pay special attention when select a backup command, look for
large files aware backup commands and if you use UID's and GID's
larger than 60K.


Idon't really know, but look at:

And follow the links of your interest.

Regards. Hugo.

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