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built in variable to hold the name of therunning script...

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Old 12-28-2008
Data built in variable to hold the name of therunning script...


I have multiple functions that can be called by any shell script. These functions have inbuilt echo statements to logs their activity into a log file. When I run multiple shell scripts that call these functions, they all log into the same log file and I am not able to differentiate which sentence in log points to which calling script. Hence, I dont know which script is having which error when there are multiple errors. I am triying to know how should I change the calling scripts or functions in a way to avoid this problem?

Is there a unix variable that holds the name of the script that is execiting, so I can use this variable in all the functions. So, when ever any script calls this function, the function knows which script is calling it and logs along with the name of the calling script.

Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards,
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Old 12-28-2008
$0 contains the name by which a script was called.
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Old 12-29-2008
Hi jpradley,

Thank you very much. It is working for me.

Thanks and Regards,

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