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Old 06-10-2001
Lightbulb Running Unix with 9X

If I have a couple of hard drives in my computer and I am running 98 or 2000 (currently 98 but every once in awhile I switch to 2000) how abouts to I go getting unix on my computer? Aren't the installations different depending on the operating system. Am I right when I say you need to install unix second if you are running 98 and if you are running 2000 you need to install it first? Also, what are the command lines that you need to know when installing Unix/Linux. What are the major differences between the two operating systems (Unix and Linux)? Is Unix all command based and Linux gui?
I have Corel's version of Linux, Redhat's version and Mandrakes version. I was thinking about putting in Redhat.
Anything anyone could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows any sites that have a lot of good reference material that I could view that would be great too. Thanks. Noah from Stillwater, MN
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Old 06-11-2001
Follow the links from this page, it should answer most of your questions:

Enjoy yourself Smilie

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Old 06-11-2001
MySQL thanks

Thanks for the info. I just was checking out that site and it is VERY informative. If there is anything else that you could think of that might be helpful please drop a line. I really want to get out of the grasp of Micr$oft. I would also like to learn enough to possible switch my IT job to something above and beyond MS stuff. Also if there are programs out there that I can download for example, word processing, spreadsheet, browsers, network monitoring apps etc. that you know of please let me know. Thanks again.

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Old 06-12-2001
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