Linux/Windows Fat32 Swap partition.

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Old 12-08-2002
Linux/Windows Fat32 Swap partition.

I run a dual boot WinXP/Red Hat 8 system on my laptop. Since my hard drive is inherently small(laptop) I am trying to creat a swap partition for keeping mutually used files such as music/video etc... I have created a 2.5GB Fat32 partition with Partition Magic Pro and have windows recognizing the partition fine, what I dont know is how to define the new HD partition in Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Old 12-08-2002
Swap partitions are not used to store files such as MP3, etc.

Swap partitions are used by the kernel in a similar manner as RAM... in laymens terms, it is like disk-based memory.

Sorry, but according to your post, what you want to do is not possible with swap space.

If you want to share hard drive space between windows and linux, you need to use a filesystem in the partition that both OS can use (like fat32 and other windows filesystems supported by linux).

Do a "man mount" to see the different filesystems supported.....

Also, see this post:
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Old 12-08-2002
I was unclear in explaining what I have done. I already have a linux swap space. What I did was make a partition in Fat32 for Windows and Linux to share so I can move files about between the OS's. I know what linux swapspace is, sorry if I was unclear, all I needed to know was how to set up the fat32 partition for read/write in linux. The link contains the answers I need, I forgot to search, my bad...Thanx Neo
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