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Rouding off an integer

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Java Rouding off an integer


I want to round off an integer to the next multiple of 10 in shell script.
(i.e.,) 91 should be rounded off to 100
and 90 should be rounded off to 90

It would be very helpful, if you can help me in this.

Thanks in advance
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Supposing you have the value in a variable in a shell script:


round_var=echo "$var" | `awk '{printf("%d: %d\n",$0,int(($0+9)/10)*10)}'`

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Hammer & Screwdriver Another approach

> var=90
> echo "($var+9)/10*10" | bc

> var=91
> echo "($var+9)/10*10" | bc

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much more simpler Smilie
echo "$(((var+9)/10*10))"

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Thank you very much..

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