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Successful Installion of Apache

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Old 11-26-2002
Successful Installion of Apache

I finally finished installing Apache on my companies SCO server.
The problem was with the way I uncompressed the Apache .tar.z
file. I downloaded Apache onto a windows computer on our
network. Then I used winzip to uncompress the files. After un-
compressing the files, I transferred them to the SCO server.

The problem is when I used winzip it created the "^M" characters
at the end of each line in the configuration files. Unfortunately,
Unix doesn't recognize the "^M" characters and cannot execute.

I later used the commands "uncopress and tar -xvf" to decompress and unload the files. Everything went smoothly after

I just wanted to thank the forum for their help.

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Session::Oracle(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Session::Oracle(3)

Apache::Session::Oracle - An implementation of Apache::Session SYNOPSIS
use Apache::Session::Oracle; #if you want Apache::Session to open new DB handles: tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Oracle', $id, { DataSource => 'dbi:Oracle:sessions', UserName => $db_user, Password => $db_pass, Commit => 1 }; #or, if your handles are already opened: tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Oracle', $id, { Handle => $dbh, Commit => 1 }; DESCRIPTION
This module is an implementation of Apache::Session. It uses the Oracle backing store and no locking. See the example, and the documentation for Apache::Session::Store::Oracle for more details. USAGE
The special Apache::Session argument for this module is Commit. You MUST provide the Commit argument, which instructs this module to either commit the transaction when it is finished, or to simply do nothing. This feature is provided so that this module will not have adverse interactions with your local transaction policy, nor your local database handle caching policy. The argument is mandatory in order to make you think about this problem. This module also respects the LongReadLen argument, which specifies the maximum size of the session object. If not specified, the default maximum is 8 KB. AUTHOR
This module was written by Jeffrey William Baker <>. SEE ALSO
Apache::Session::File, Apache::Session::Flex, Apache::Session::DB_File, Apache::Session::Postgres, Apache::Session perl v5.12.1 2007-09-28 Session::Oracle(3)

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