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how to run cron job to truncate database table

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers how to run cron job to truncate database table
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one FIX:

$TABLE_NAME should actually be the database name.



to the begining of the script and make it executable and you can run it like a binary. It doesnt need to be .sh
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i just add the info to the file

named it truncate, chmod 755

then when i run the file via shell to test it


i keeps on popping up all the mysql help file, it doesn't seem to be truncating the table i require

heres the scripts i'm using


somevar=`echo "TRUNCATE TABLE userips" | mysql -h $IP_ADDR -u $USER_NAME -p $PASSWORD $TABLE_NAME `
echo $somevar

any ideas

runing centos 5
plesk 8.3
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DONT put space after -p and password

... -p$PASSWORD...

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