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How to determine how much space is available on client machine

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How to determine how much space is available on client machine


Is there a command to determine how much space is available / used on a client machine ?.

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df is the command to look for available space.In AIX df -g / or df -m

or just man df that will do.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there a command to show the percentage how much each directory uses in space ?.
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I am using Putty with Solaris 10
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Check the (man page of) du command.

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i wish i knew what that meant Smilie
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Originally Posted by decamposem
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there a command to show the percentage how much each directory uses in space ?.
You can use:

df -k or df -kh as applicable.....
This will show you the percentage utilisation of mountpoints(Directories) of only mounted file systems....

According to me there is no command to get percentage utilisation
of directories, recursivelly through a filesystem.But you can know it's
utilisation in KB or B or GB.
For that you can use:
du -sh <dir. name>

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