, port 1554 defined where?

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Old 11-22-2002
OK, thanks.

Yes, you have a process listening for an incoming TCP connecting on port 1580.

The way I would go about finding out what process is listening on this port is to use lsof. I think if you search the forums you will find a few good discussions on lsof and where to get it.

I think lsof is written in GCC (have not checked lately) so you should be albe build it for AIX with any GCC compiler. OBTW: Here is a AIX lsof link to get you started if you need pre compiled binaries:


OBTW, a simply Google search with keyworks "AIX port 1580" yields this link about Tivoli:


... but this may have very little to do with your system... ports can be assigned to lots of different programs and applications.
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