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Old 11-21-2008
putty script

i was having problem on unix command.here's my script

set server_exe="C:\filecopy\putty.exe"
%server_exe% sgxaspecs3@sporc01 -pw pit54321 -b c:\filecopy\file_sporc01putfiles2.txt
echo "file uploaded to SFTP Server"

ok the thing is like this, i could login to putty by running this script, but i counldn't run the "filecopy\file_sporc01putfiles2.txt", the error msg was
"unknow command -b"

the content of "filecopy\file_sporc01putfiles2.txt"

cd /sgxde/sgxaspecs3/ftpfile/

i could login in the putty, just couldnt script it to run the command inside the putty. The purpose of this script is with just one button then i can upload my file in automatic, instead of i've to put in the server manually.

Could anyone help me..Smilie
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Old 11-21-2008
If you are trying to send a file from your windows box to a unix system, try using pscp instead of Putty. The pscp command should be part of the putty package. Google 'pscp batch file' and you'll get some good examples. It also supports passwords or key pairs for automation.
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