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su - user... how to find out the list of users and their passwords..

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Old 11-12-2002
su - user... how to find out the list of users and their passwords..

hi, to do a su - user, we need to know what are the users...

so in unix

1) which file to see the list of users, passwords?
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Old 11-12-2002
The list of users is in /etc/passwd on most systems.
The passwords in the file are encrypted so you can't see them...
You can use software to try to crack them, but it's not ethical, may not work on many passwords, and is very likely illegal and/or likely to get you fired.

If you're root, you don't need a password to su - user...

Be ethical, and don't be nosy - be ethical with it!
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Old 11-13-2002
The shadow file in the /etc directory might help.

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