dmesg error

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dmesg error


when i do a "dmesg" command, i saw many of this message appeared.

Nov 12 07:00:20 catty graph_ftp[8265]: [ID 516953 user.error] graph_ftp ftp faild

it seems like it has some problems with my gftp application?

pls tell me what's wrong and how to solve it.

thanks alot.
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Have you tried connecting to the server via ftp? The messages may simply indicate that somone has not logged in correctly or have somehow saved their password in their browser and have since changed their password causing invalid logins.

Please post your OS, version, version of software, and the results of your test to see if you can connect via ftp to the server. Also check that the process is running on the server (% ps -ef|grep xxxx where xxxx is the ftp daemon).

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