Read a string with leading spaces and find the length of the string

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Old 11-13-2008
Java Read a string with leading spaces and find the length of the string


In my script, i am reading the input from the user and want to find the length of the string.

The input may contain leading spaces. Right now, when leading spaces are there, they are not counted.

Kindly help me

My script is like below. I am using the ksh.


echo "enter your value"
read "A"
len=echo ${#A}
echo "length of the string you entered is $len"

enter your value
length of the string you entered is 4

NOte: I have entered 8 char (4 spaces + 4 char)

Kindly help me
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Old 11-13-2008
Set the IFS before "read":

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Old 11-13-2008
Java Thank you very much

Thank you very much for the timely reply
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