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Old 11-05-2002
appending files

I have 25 transaction files that need to be put into one file and have the date of the file appended at the end of the line, anyone got a one liner or simple script to help me out

- Ed
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Old 11-05-2002

If the files are by themselves in a directory, you should be able to put something together quickly with the following pieces:

The "for" Loop

Using "cat" and ">>" (append) within the "for" loop
EXAMPLE: cat variable_holding_filename >> final_file

Not exactly sure what "at the end of line" means, but you should be able to use the following pieces in a single command:

"ls -l" "awk" and ">>"

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Old 11-05-2002
by end of line I mean the file layout is like this:

A,B,200210,S, A

if the file date was oct 9 i want the master file record to look like this:

A,B,200210,S, A,Nov 9

I good to go creating the master file its just a matter of putting the date at the end for that file I'm having problems with, some honcho wants this so he can open it in excel

I can even put the date on the individual files first before combining them but I'm stuck there

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Old 11-05-2002
I'm not sure that I'm following this. But you can do this:

DATE="Nov 9"
sed 's/$/,'"${DATE}/" < inputfile

Is that what you're looking for?
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Old 11-06-2002
here's what I ended up with thanks for all the input

for i in `ls -lrt 0210*.dat|cut -c 55-66`
        echo $i
        DATE=`ls -l $i|cut -c 41-48`
        echo $inputfile
        sed 's/$/,'"${DATE}/"  $inputfile >> master.dat

added code tags for readability --oombera

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