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SFTP error: no such file or directory

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Old 11-07-2008
SFTP error: no such file or directory

Hi All,

I am using a shell script for SFTPing the files to target server. The problem which I am facing is that even if the files are not transferred, the script finishes successfully. I want the script to fail in case the remote directory does not exists.

The script which I am using is as follows:

echo $RUN_ID : Trying To Connect To The SFTP Location : $HOST Attempt No : $RETRY_COUNTER >> $SFTP_LOG

sftp -o "IdentityFile $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa" $USER@$HOST <<EOF 1> ${SFTP_LOG} 2> ${SFTP_LOG}
chmod 777 $FILENAME



if [ -f $SFTP_LOG ]
RESPONSE_MSG=`grep -c "No such file or directory" $SFTP_LOG`
if [ $RESPONSE_MSG -gt 0 ]
echo $RUN_ID : The Remote Directory Does Not Exist. >> $SFTP_LOG

RESPONSE_MSG=`grep -c "Connection timed out" $SFTP_LOG`
if [ $RESPONSE_MSG -gt 0 ]
echo $RUN_ID : Could Not Connect To FTP Location In Attempt - $RETRY_COUNTER >> $SFTP_LOG

echo $RUN_ID : Waiting For $RETRY_INTERVAL Before Re-Attempt.>> $SFTP_LOG

echo $RUN_ID : Could Not Connect To FTP Location Event After Re-Attempts.>> $SFTP_LOG


echo $RUN_ID : The File Has Been Transferred To The Target Zone. >> $SFTP_LOG


In this script, I am trying to search for the error message in log file but the problem is there is no error message in log file even if $REMOTE_PROCESSING_ZONE does not exists.
My concern is that for handling the errors , atleast the errors should be present in log file.

Can anybody guide how to correct this issue. The same script was working fine 2 days back but not now.

Thanks in advance
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Old 11-07-2008
sorry, me and others of cource gently wana help you. but nobody wants to analyze a 50 liner. bring your problem to the point and you will get a replay soon

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