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Old 10-31-2002
Route Adding

I am trying to add a route for an interface on my unix server. The interface is qfe0. How do I type out the route add command.

The Normal way is

route add

When I want it to bind to a certain interface how to I enter the command.
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Old 10-31-2002
The man page has quite a few examples which should help you out.

example% route add default hostname -interface

hostname is the name or IP address associated with the net-
work interface all packets should be sent over. On a host
with a single network interface, hostname is normally the
same as the nodename returned by uname -n (see uname(1)).

Adding a net route:
/usr/sbin/route add -net 10.140 1

Adding a host route:

/usr/sbin/route add -host 0

For your situation, you want to bind to a certain interface.

route add yourhostname -interface

You don't put -hme0 or -qfe0 on this - you tell it the hostname of the interface or the IP of the interface (in case you did not make a secondary hostname for the interface)

So if is and yourhostname is myhost-qfe0,

# route add myhost-qfe0 -interface
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