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Old 10-29-2002
AIX Installation

I am in need some some simple... straight forward instructions for creating file systems on AIX.

I have a raid controller and 4 18.2gb Hot Swap SCSI drives.

I am sooooo confused about Volume Groups, Physical Volume, and Physical Partition, and Logical Volume and Logical Partitions.

In a Nut shell though....

I have a raid controller that has 4 18.2gb Hot Swap SCSI drives connected. The raid has been setup using raid level 5 and it now sees all 4 drives as 1 drive called hdisk1. I have a bolt in drive that is called hdisk0 that has the O/S loaded on it.

I want 2 seperate file systems on the space that is on the raid. I have roughly 52032 megabytes of free disk space.

I would like to allocate 2032 megabytes to one file system
and 30000 to the 2nd file system and I want to leave the remainder undefined for future expansion as needed.

Anyone have any simple.. straight forward instructions or resource to look at for a clearer understanding of how the LVM works?
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Old 10-30-2002
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