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Old 10-28-2002
External Modem for RHL 7.3...

Another stupid question... and I can only hope someone can spend a little time answering it...

So thats it. I went thru the documentation out there at linmodems.org, trie this and that... read thru this post https://www.unix.com/ip-networking/1787-modem-problems.html?s= on my favorite forums.

And finally made a decision - to buy external modem for my RH Linux 7.3. My note book contains a PCI card bus having two card slots which I haven't used till now.

Can somebody suggest me which modem card I can buy which can work with Red Hat Linux 7.3? (and let me spend more time with Mozilla!!)

There are a lot of vendors out there, but I want to hear from someone who already used it successfully with RHL7.3. (moreover they cost a good 50 bucks or more!)

Thank you,
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Old 10-29-2002

Motorola modems are very friendly to RH 7.3 I am using a SM56 V90 Internal PCI Modem but when I sent an E-mail to RedHat asking about modems, they replied saying that most of all Motorola Modems both Internal and external work with RH 7.3 & RH 8.

Mine is working very well. All the best.
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Old 10-29-2002
Thank you AngryRabbi!!!

I will search for the model and Motorola brand you suggested.

I hope the modem will fit into my PCI card bus slot and I don't think that there should be any different behavior with my notebook.

Also can you tell me whether you had to use any drivers for getting it worked / whether you had to download or available with the PCI card??

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Old 10-30-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver

I used the CD-ROM disk that came with the modem. IT had folders for the Windows, Apple, Linux & diferent Unix versions.

RHat 7.3 comes with a lot of modem drivers. The drivers on my disk were the most updated so I used them instead.
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