kicking a telneted user from the system

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Old 10-27-2002
kicking a telneted user from the system

hi there,

does anyone know how to kick a telneted user from a the system?

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Old 10-27-2002
as root do a ps aux from the command prompt
and then look for the shell proccess id and then kill it. also you can kill the telnet session.
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Old 10-31-2002
Do you want this to be based on a timeout period or are you just intending to remove users before you shutdown the box for maintenance?

Here is a script that you can modify for deleting inactive users. Not mine but useful.
******************cut here********************
# killlogin  --  kills login shell of anyone idle more than MIN minutes
# MIN = 30 for 30 minutes, 100 for 1 hour, 220 for 2 hour and 20 minutes
LOG=/tmp/killpid`date +"%a"`
# if you put LOG in other than tmp set up cron job to clean it out
# put the time at the beginning of the run
date +"%r" >> $LOG
# who -u gets list of ids and idle times
/bin/who -u | /bin/sed 's/://g' | tee -a $LOG  |
while read info
        set $info
        #echo \$user is $user

case $user in

        root) MIN=999999;;               # don't time out this user
        user1)  MIN=400 ;;               # don't time out this user for 4 hrs
        user2)  MIN=800 ;;               # don't time out this user for 8 hrs
        user3)  MIN=800 ;;               # don't time out this user for 8 hrs
        oracle )  MIN=800 ;;               # don't time out this user for 8 hrs
        *)  MIN=30 ;;                    # everyone else gets 30 minutes

#echo \$time is $time

#echo \$MIN is $MIN
    if [ "${time}" -gt ${MIN} ]     # is time greater than limit in $MIN
                /bin/kill -1 $7 

added code tags for readability --oombera

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Old 11-01-2002
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