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Old 10-24-2002
Linux user access to packages...


I'm now playing with my RH Linux 7.3 installation on my laptop. I've installed the StarOffice suite from root login.

Now my problem:

I created a user account "vishnu".. but I cannot see the StarOffice in the menu listing of this user. How can I give "vishnu" the access to StarOffice that I installed as root.

I tried to read the documentation for setting up access rights to programs. But I couldn't get how can I make the menu item show on the "start" menu list of a user I want to give access to.

I really appreciate your time.

Thank you!
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Old 10-24-2002
Do you want to add to KDE, Gnome, Bluecurve, or some other window manager?
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Old 10-24-2002
Thank you LivinFree!

I want to add the StarOffice menu item to the KDE window manager for the user "vishnu".

While installing as root, incidentally my gui was KDE, so am I restricted to give KDE access of StarOffice to "vishnu"?

Thank you!
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Old 10-25-2002
I'll have to look later on to see if I remember how to add menu items in KDE.

For the other question, I'm not sure... You should be able to run in either, but no guarantees...
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Old 10-25-2002
If you completed a "network" install of StarOffice, the user that requires it simply needs to run the setup program and it will configure all needed folders as well as the KDE / Gnome menu shortcuts!

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