exit unix, but says running jobs

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Old 10-24-2002
exit unix, but says running jobs

hi, i give a exit to the system, but it says that i have running jobs... so i do a ps and it displays two lines, one is a -ksh and the other is the ps which i am issuing...

then i give a who -uH, find my pts.. then do a grep... still the same.....

whats wrong..
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Old 10-24-2002

Maybe you started some backgroup jobs
you can find out with the `jobs` command
jobs [-lpn] [job ...]
Display information about the specified job(s); if no jobs are
specified, all jobs are displayed. The -n option causes informa-
tion to be displayed only for jobs that have changed state since
the last notification. If the -l option is used, the process ID
of each process in a job is also listed. The -p option causes
only the process group of each job to be printed. See Job
control below for the format of job and the displayed job.

See also the `bg` and `fg` parts of the man page `man ksh`

See this example

<prompt>$ sleep 600
^Z[1] + Stopped (SIGTSTP) sleep 600

<prompt>$ bg
[1] sleep 600&

<prompt>$ exit
You have running jobs

<prompt>$ jobs
[1] + Running sleep 600

<prompt>$ fg
sleep 600
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Old 10-24-2002
Maybe zombis in memory (dead processes, but to be in memory)
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Old 10-24-2002
if dead process, but they are still in memory then how do we clear then?

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Old 10-25-2002
Sorry, buddy.........i don't know.......maybe only with reboot.....
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Old 10-25-2002
see command: waitpid
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Old 10-25-2002
I never saw your problem together with Zombie procces.
Do you have this problem often?, NO try to live with it

Iam really think you can find those processes in your proces list,

ps -eaf | grep <username>
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