How can I add my own service when system startup?

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Old 10-22-2002
How can I add my own service when system startup?

Hi All,

My OS is redhat 7.1. How can I start my own service (e.g. simple scripts) when the system is started?

I found something like /etc/rc.d, /etc/rc.init ...

But I have no idea on them, have anyone can help me?

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Old 10-22-2002
/etc/rc0.d is the area used when shutting down the server
/etc/rc2.d is the area used on bootup

All you need to do, is to add you script in the /etc/rc2.d area.
lets say you call the scripts S98start

On bootup it will read your start and start whatever you are planning to run

then to stop whatever you have started (if needed) you can then create another script called /etc/rc0.d/K98stop todo the reverse of S98start.

i hope makes sense.
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Old 10-22-2002
The easiest way in Redhat is to add a line to /etc/rc.d/rc.local
It's just a text file that's run like a script. Make sure to add error handling, so you don't screw something up while booting if your file doesn't exist or is not executable...
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Old 10-24-2002
how about for others like hpux, aix
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Old 10-24-2002
AIX is using rc.local .....

HP is using /etc/rc2.d (i think, iam not sure about HP)
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Old 10-24-2002
thanks, janr...
i couldnt find those files..
i even do a find /, ya... to confirm the location of these files..
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Old 10-24-2002
HP-UX depends on the version.
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