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Linux space problem

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Old 10-23-2002
I guess you will have to kill me now??? Smilie

OR recruit me into your secret organization to be a double agent!!! Smilie
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File Space Problem

I have a file which have 2 columns. chris doc,male test,female So in order to store the content of the first column i am doing this :- for line in $( cat $test.csv ); do FIRST_COLUMN_VAR=$( echo $line | cut -d"," -f1 ) SECOND_COLUMN_VAR=$( echo $line | cut -d"," -f2 ) ... (18 Replies)
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Hy! Recently i had a problem with one of mine Tru64 machines. It started to kill processes because of low amount of swap space. It said that it went below 10 %. But when i ran swapon -s it said: In-use space: 12 % So, the system couldn't accept any new ssh connections plus it killed most of... (1 Reply)
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Hi, I have a file containing a list of entries. Want to do ls on them. for a in `cat <list.txt>`; do ls $a; done; Now some entries contain spaces. How do i incorporate space in $a. Quoting $a in "" doesn't help. Thanks (6 Replies)
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Solved.... (1 Reply)
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problem with swap space

I have sun solaris 8 for intell with 128m physiccal ram and swap of 148. Oracle requires to have 512M swap space. Is there a way I can change the swap space on intell machine without repartioning the box:? what if i create a link to /swap from another place???? pls advise Jigar (1 Reply)
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I am in the initial stage of learning UNIX. I got PC with Intel SUN SOLARIS S/W. I am planning to install Oracle on the same machine. I have created /export with more than 3gb space, when I have installed the OS. As a Oracle user when I am trying to create a directory I am able to get only 512... (4 Replies)
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