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appending text on top of another file

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Java appending text on top of another file

Dear All,
I have two files
One is script file in which I am writing commands to append a text in a normal file.
I want to insert the text on top of the file.
I dont want to use sed and awk commands nor temp file.
is it possible?
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Hammer & Screwdriver Please show examples

Can you provide examples of your files before and after? Need to see what you are starting with and what you want to end with.
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Stop and think, even if you don't see a temp file one has to be created. Why?
Because you cannot add bytes to the beginning of a file without overwriting what is already there.
cat newfile oldfile > tmp ; mv tmp oldfile

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Hammer & Screwdriver Could even be simpler, although not sure if this si the intent

As you can see, the files could be combined without the use of a temp file. But, I guess the poster is looking for something different.

> cat file271          
file 271 line 1
file 271 line 2

> cat file272 
file 272 line 1
file 272 line 2

> cat file272 >>file271

> cat file271
file 271 line 1
file 271 line 2
file 272 line 1
file 272 line 2


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