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telnet session timeout

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Old 10-15-2002
telnet session timeout

hi, we can set something such that if the user has been idle for a while, it will auto disconnect. where to do so? thanks
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Old 10-15-2002
if my guess is right, you are looking for a way to
log off idle users? right

you could write a script to log off idle users

here is a korn shell script that could log off users that is idle for more than 60minutes or 1 hour, this script log off idle user apart from root users and users log on to the console


who -u | sed -e "s/\./0/" -e "s/://g" |awk '$6 > 60 {print $1" "$2" "$7}' | \
while read -r NAME TER PID


if [ "$NAME" = "root" ]
echo " Idle root users can not be log off " >/dev/null

if [ "$TER" = "console" ]
echo "user logged in at the console can not be log off " >/dev/null

kill -9 $PID

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Old 10-15-2002
this is terrific!

pls tell me where to put file to and how and when to execute this file.

thank you very much.
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Old 10-15-2002
then this script must be running all the while?
but in the resource point of view, doesnt it take up resources?
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Old 10-16-2002
idle users???

if this is for solaris you can set the TMOUT variable like this.

# TMOUT=900# export TMOUT

the 900 is in seconds
set this prameter in /etc/profile or in each users home directory in .profile file.

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Old 10-16-2002
You may want to write your own script - I'm trying to stay objective, but that script is flawed.

First off, those echo statements are being redirected to /dev/null. What's the point?

And it uses kill -9 right away, which is a Bad Thing if your users have anything running or any processes backgrounded. Also, I've seen problems with killing off a user very harshly like that that can mess up their entries in w or who, saying they exist even though they don't. You'll also end up with orphaned processes that way...

One alternative that I've seen is idled:

It's a little cleaner than crashing around in the dark "kill -9"'ing processes automatically.
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Old 10-16-2002
in solaris, we can do the below

# TMOUT=900# export TMOUT

the 900 is in seconds
set this prameter in /etc/profile or in each users home directory in .profile file.

is there any equivalent in ibm aix or hpux. thanks

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