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Test if execution was successful

How can I test inside a shel script whether the last action was successful or not.

I have the following line which is executing inside a script

. ./runProcess.sh $i $var_num>> error.txt 2>&1

This is occuring in a loop. How can i test whether it was succes for last var_num or not. How can I check that?
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If runProcess is competently written, it will set its exit code to non-zero if it fails.

if ./runProcess.sh whatever; then
  : success, do nothing
  echo "eek, failed with exit code $?" >&2
  wave hands --left --right

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Be careful with the application that masks the return code with the success status of the shell from which its executing.

For example : If ftp's connection to a ftp server is not successful it will still return 0 to $? due to the reason ftp command completed successfully

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