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UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

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Old 09-24-2008
bn_unx bn_unx is offline
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if [ `echo ${cld}foo|grep $dow` ]; then
echo Its Cold for $sid at $c_dst
$jobroot/scripts/abc.sh $sid COLD $c_dst
elif [ `echo ${hot}foo|grep $dow` ]; then
echo Its Hot for $sid at $h_dst
$jobroot/scripts/abc.sh $sid HOT $h_dst
echo No backup for $sid today

wat does foo do ??

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Old 09-25-2008
Smiling Dragon's Unix or Linux Image
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It's a lazy coding hack used to prevent a syntax error in the event that $cid or $hot are not defined. The 'foo' part of the string doesn't prevent the match as grep ignores it. That said, it could actually cause it to break if $dow just happens to be "foo" (or some substring of it).
A tidier solution is to instead use "$cid" or to first evaluate "$cid" and check it's defined.
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Old 09-25-2008
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And tidier still to avoid the rat's nest of test backticks echo.

case $dow in
    echo Its Cold for $sid at $c_dst
    $jobroot/scripts/abc.sh $sid COLD $c_dst;;
    echo Its Hot for $sid at $h_dst
    $jobroot/scripts/abc.sh $sid HOT $h_dst;;
    echo No backup for $sid today;;

This assumes some things about how $dow and $cld and $hot are set up; you might need to tweak this if they are not simply one-to-one, but you get the idea. This is IMHO much more readable, as well as more efficient.

If $dow is the numeric day of the week and the values of $cld and $hot are something like 7 (signifying Sunday) and 135 (Mon Wed Fri), then perhaps

case $cld:$hot in
  *$dow*:*)  echo it's cold;;
  *:*$dow*)  echo it's hot;;
  *) echo it's not;;

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