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unix script to check if rsh to box and send status mail

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Old 09-22-2008
unix script to check if rsh to box and send status mail

rshstatus=`rsh -n lilo /db/p2/oracle/names9208/`
if $rshstatus <>0 then
mailx -s "xirsol8dr" >> $log_dr
else if errstatus=0
echo "status to xirsol8dr successful"

can anyone provide if this is t he correct way to do this or is there a better way?
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Old 10-09-2008
rsh doesn't return the exit code of the remote command. It would be nice if it did, but it doesn't. So you have to have send the mail, or have it output something like FAILED and use your code above. Of course, you should use != instead of <>. Oh, and "errstatus" is completely redundant here.

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