searching for strings/user IP addresses

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Old 09-23-2002
searching for strings/user IP addresses


I'm trying to write a script, which will perform the following actions.

Pick up the IP address of the PC I have used to telnet into the SUN server.

Export this.

Run the rest of my script.

I am struggling with the first part, I know the IP address can be displayed by the command who am i, but I need to either find a command which will just display the IP address and not all the other user details, or I need to know how to search for a string between 2 points (the IP address is displayed in () in this case).

Can anybody help?

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Old 09-23-2002
You can try this in your script:

IPADDRESS=`who -uH | grep [username] | awk '{print $6}'`

All you are doing is listing the current logons, searching for your username and then using awk to print the sixth field - which lists the source IP address of that logon.
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Old 09-23-2002
One minor point.

When defining a variable that you wish to export, you can put the "export" in front.

export IPADDRESS=`who -uH | grep [username] | awk '{print $6}'`

I am not aware of any restrictions based on the shell you are using. This will save you a line of code, maybe several if you export many variables.

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