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Old 09-16-2002
unix create instance

I would like to create multiple instances in the unix application server for different configuration setting / software version installation.
1. how do i create the instances in a server? if i want to create a test instance should i just do mkdir test_00 n then with cmd
set_inst test_00. then install the software under this inst?
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Old 09-16-2002
dual booting??? multiple instances...

If you are talking about Real UNIX (ie. HPUX, SUN, AIX) and not Linux. Start at the top of this post.

I assume you are asking, in referring to an "instance", as an individual separate version of the UNIX OS running on a system.

I believe that you are wanting to have multiple instances on one box.

Here is a good link to read:


You will need to have a bootable disk for each different instance (UNIX OS). You will only be able to boot one at a time.


If you are talking about Linux on an Intel platform. You will need to have separate partitions on your hard drive or you can still have separate disks for each one. Although I don't know how you could dual boot with multiple versions of the SAME Linux version, never having done this myself!

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Old 09-16-2002
Kelam, it is fairly common to multi-boot Linux box using only one partition or drive. You can specify a different or newer/older kernel, and it will use your existing system with different kernels (as long as they're set up correctly).
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Old 09-17-2002
clarify two separate instances or just multi kernels??

I didn't think about booting diff kernels... Yea that is perfectly feasible. Although I believe that would be only one instance of the OS.

I thought they were talking about distinct different instances of LINUX, like BSD and RedHat, on the same disk, or two instances of the same LINUX OS, not just booting to a diff kernel.

Maybe Sandy can clarify what was meant.

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Old 09-17-2002
My box has a sorta tripple-boot:

WinME Smilie
FreeBSD 4.6.2 Smilie
FreeBSD Stable Smilie

I've had no troubles running it like this! Smilie
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