Unix passing environmental Variables

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Unix passing environmental Variables

In my script when I change an env variable in the parent shell it is only changed for that session - it there away to change it permanently using a script so that when I use rlogin (create a child session) that the env variable is set correctly?

Basically what I am trying to do is to pass a variable using using rlogin that contains a string. If I can us rlogin is there an alternative ?

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If it doesn't need to change frequently you can just set it in your login scripts (i.e. .profile or similar, depending on your choice of shell) on the remote host.
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The env will be changed frequently so I cant set it in the .profile - I need for my script to change it.

Thanks anyway
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Are you exporting the variable. You can source a script:
export MYVAR='a string of characters'

Source the script above
.  script.sh

That's a leading dot - space before the script name
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When you say "rlogin (create a child session)"... you are actually doing that on a remote host, right?

Also, is ssh an available alternative to rlogin at your site?
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Thanks - but that only works if my second script is on the same server as my first script. My second script is on a different server. What I need to have the variable set in the first script and past into the second on a different server - if possible
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The only alternative if it works (dont know what you want to do...) would be using file descriptors...

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