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SVR4 UNIX questions

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Old 09-05-2008
SVR4 UNIX questions - Edited with updated info


My main problem is trying to reset the password on an ancient (but still live) server. I have booted from floppy into maintenance mode, but it won't allow me to mount /. I'm using mount -F vxfs /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s1 /mnt and I get an error message along the lines of "operation not applicable to file type vxfs". I've tried using ufs and xfs and also leaving out the -F bit, but then get a message about the FS type being incorrect.

Any idea why it won't allow me to mount /?

I've resurrected a 'test' server to allow me to have a bit of a play, but I have no install media to boot from. Is there any way I can create a bootable floppy for this server?

Any help gratefully received.

ETA: It seems that the install floppy we have doesn't include the veritas FS support needed to mount the vxfs filesystem. We do have a later boot floppy, but this no longer works.

Is there any way that I can create a boot floppy disk that I can boot the server from to allow me to edit /etc/passwd??

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Old 09-05-2008
If you have a jumpstart server on the network, try:
ok: boot net -s
mount -F vxfs /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s1 /mnt
You'll need to manually mangle /mnt/etc/shadow, as any passwd commands would be related to the "current" os instance, rather than the mounted instance.

Disclaimer: I've not tried to do this with a vxfs volume

Edit: You'll have to follow normal configuration rules for adding a host to the jumpstart environment - updating bootparams
and of course, this only works for SUN gear... Smilie
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Old 09-08-2008
It's not Sun kit (nor is there another server one site as far as I know). But thanks for the info Smilie

Just trying to source a ready made boot disk now.

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