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Old 08-29-2002
piping with javac command

how to i use javac on a file after searching for it? example:
find . -name '*.java' -size -24 -links -2 -atime -4

what would happen if "find" found >1 .java files?

also, i'm a little confused on the -size property... mix up between -2 and +2... what's the difference?
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Old 08-29-2002
You're either looking for all files under two 512-byte blocks (-2) or over two 512-byte blocks (+2).

So find . -name '*.java' -size -24 -links -2 -atime -4 is looking for all files with an extension of java which are under 12kb, have less than 2 links, and were accessed less than 4 days ago.

As for using javac on a file after finding it, you should just be able to use a pipe:
find . -name '*.java' -size -24 -links -2 -atime -4 | javac

If there's more than one, javac can handle multiple files, so I would assume the above would still work, but I'm not near a Unix box right now..

If you don't need the options that "find" provides, you could just use:
javac *.java

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