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Old 08-30-2002
Computer Re: no offense ment but...

Originally posted by Optimus_P
pen and paper are better then useing AOL.

thats the funniest thing ive read today Smilie
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<Subscription NNN> ... </Subscription> Defines a subscription. Events name [ ... name ] Specifies the events that are subscribed. ExpirationTime unix-time Specifies the expiration time of a subscription as a UNIX time value in seconds since January 1st, 1970. Interval seconds Specifies the preferred time interval for event notifications in seconds. JobId job-id Specifies the job ID associated with the subscription. LeaseDuration seconds Specifies the number of seconds that the subscription is valid for. If 0, the subscription does not expire. NextEventId number Specifies the next notify-sequence-number to use for the subscription. NextSubscriptionId number Specifies the next subscription-id to use. Owner username Specifies the user that owns the subscription. PrinterName printername Specifies the printer or class associated with the subscription. Recipient uri Specifies the notify-recipient-uri value for push-type notifications. UserData hex-escaped-data Specifies user data to be included in event notifications. This is typically the "from" address in mailto: notifications. SEE ALSO
classes.conf(5), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5), mime.convs(5), mime.types(5), printers.conf(5) http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
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