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HOWTO Append String to End of Line

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Old 08-15-2008
HOWTO Append String to End of Line

I have a comma delimited text file and need to appened ",000000" to the end of every line. For example:

"D700000","2006" ,"5000","Open Year" ,"Conversion" ,"Wk64","Productive Payroll $" ,1103.45

"D700000","2006" ,"5000","Open Year" ,"Conversion" ,"Wk64","Productive Payroll $" ,1103.45,"000000"

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Old 08-15-2008
awk '{printf "%s,\"%s\"\n",$0,"000000"}' file

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Old 08-15-2008
Another approaches:

sed 's/.*/&,000000/' file


awk '{print $0,",000000"}' file

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Old 08-15-2008
Thank you.

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