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Very simple question about changing PS1 variable at startup!

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Old 08-26-2002
Question Very simple question about changing PS1 variable at startup!

Hello there !

I am new in this Unix world and just start learning Unix. I have very simple question about changing PS1 variable (Shell Prompt)
i have local.profile file in my working directory, i open in vi edit mode and add this line PS1="Hello:>" and i save that file.

I disconnected from system and connected back to see effect but failed. why ? i have C shell, Ksh and Sh , it should not show Hello:> at the system startup ?

Please help me what am i doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Abid Malik
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Old 08-26-2002
well i have not used c shell or korn shell but in bash and the bourne shell the ps1 variable is what sets the prompt, for bash, the file to put this in is ~/.bash_profile
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Old 08-26-2002
For ksh and sh, you should be able to just go into .profile in your home directory and type:

PS1='${PWD} '
for the current working directory


PS1="My prompt "
for some phrase you want to have show...


If you're in csh,

set prompt="My prompt "
in your .login file should work.

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